Pitch Wars Agent Round

I'm so excited! Here is my page for entry #109 THE UNWILLING GODDESS. THE UNWILLING GODDESS If you have any book related questions please mail me at rellyDOTannettATgmailDOTcom and put 'Mictlan' in the subject line to defeat my vicious spam filters. … [Continue reading]

Pitch Wars mentee bio

Relly and her skirts take on trafalager square

Word up! Bit late to the game but I thought I'd add a bio for #pitchwars So, hi! I'm Relly Annett-Baker. I'm 35, married, with two boys aged 9 and 6 whom I call Thing 1 and Thing 2. I'm a content strategist by trade (so I work with a lot of writers and content producers for huge websites) and a … [Continue reading]

Lasagne soup. It’s a thing.

Today I mentioned I had Lasagne soup for lunch, and Twitter was all 'WHUT? WHERE? HOW?' so here we go. This is enough for around 10 - 12 servings … [Continue reading]

Content 2013 conference links

Not sure where to start with CS? Try @jcolman’s EPIC guide for content marketers … [Continue reading]

Also speaking up.

Edit, March 17th 2013: Isn't it amazing what you find when you trawl the inbound links to your blog? Like the pleasant forum user who decided to quote … [Continue reading]

Depression and me

I wrote this about my experience with depression, specifically related to my post-natal depression, but it touches on how depression impacts my … [Continue reading]