Content 2013 conference links

Not sure where to start with CS? Try @jcolman’s EPIC guide for content marketers Did I mention the pig in rainboots?,,20494390,00.html Winchester Mystery House on Wikipedia … [Continue reading]

Also speaking up.

Edit, March 17th 2013: Isn't it amazing what you find when you trawl the inbound links to your blog? Like the pleasant forum user who decided to quote this post and append 'lol fatty', to what started out as an interesting debate on the Something Awful forums. Nope, guess again 'NevergirlsOFFICIAL'. … [Continue reading]

Depression and me

I wrote this about my experience with depression, specifically related to my post-natal depression, but it touches on how depression impacts my … [Continue reading]

Book Review: Murakami Haruki’s After The Quake

I first became aware of Murakami's work when I was in Japan in June 2010. Every bookshop I passed, and almost every commuter on each train, had 1Q84 … [Continue reading]

Reading list

My list! My list of books that I have mostly skipped over in my 32 years of life, that I think I should give a look at. I hope to read them over the … [Continue reading]

Conference organisers: a point for your consideration.

I had the great fortune to attend XOXO last week (which is another post I'll try and get done before the same event next year or something) and people … [Continue reading]