10 random things about me right now

1) My hair really needs a wash after I had a lovely, but oily, scalp massage as part of a facial yesterday.

2)I start adult ballet today. That really is random because I am not a graceful person but I need to build up my back strength after my last pregnancy (8lb 13oz, hung on a 5ft 3″ frame is not comfortable).

3)I am moderately obsessed with Superdry clothing, Agatha Christie, Japanese language studies, Professor Layton, Tennis no Oujisama, Ace Attorney, my iphone, toy cameras, yellow and grey together.

4) I am a web content writer and content strategist and I really enjoy it.

5) I flew on a plane on my own last week, which was a big deal for me as I used to be terrified of flying.

6) I have been listening to a lot of Tim Minchin’s stuff recently.

7) I am currently playing Professor Layton and Pandora’s box. Next up is Another Code and Kingdom Hearts 365/2. I must make a dent in Little Big Planet too and Monkey Island is on my hit list as well. I love games.

8) Last night I made a sausage and lentil casserole for dinner.

9)I have bought some Christmas presents already, which is unheard of for me. Usually, if it doesn’t come by Amazon one-day delivery you can’t have it.

10)I haven’t yet had a cup of tea this morning. Shocking! I am something of a tea addict. My favourite at the moment comes from Jame Oliver’s Recipease shop and is about £20 a caddy. I savour it!


  1. Sharyn says:

    What a fun list! Just stopping by your blog from Shimelle’s class. Thanks for the glimpse into your life! I think I’ll be making a list too :)

  2. Kai says:

    How cool that you are starting adult ballet… I wish I had the gumption to do that!