If wishes were dishes …

by welovepandas

by welovepandas

… I’d have about as many as are stacked by my sink right now.

It suddenly hit me over the weekend what a huge change has happened to me since the beginning of June. Obviously, we had Thing 2 which was never going to be a minor deviation from the norm but then our house was flooded, I lived with my parents and the kids for a month, I came back and my business exploded (in a good way! :), we had to settle into a new house, unpack. Just a lot of stuff to be dealing with.

And I thought I was coping with it all alright but in reality I think I’ve just been ignoring it. Thinking I’d get around to processing all the changes, unpack all the boxes, deal with all the inquiries and I haven’t really. Keeping with the crockery analogy, I have too many plates spinning and all too important to drop any. I guess I’m going to have to choose which plates to take off the sticks.

From now on:
I’ve got a cleaner but I’m also going to get my ironing done.
I’m going to keep tighter control on my schedule and projects.
I’m going to sort out my craft supplies and unpack them all so I can actually have some making time. I’ve missed it so much and usually my best work ideas come when I’m doing something completely different.
I’d like to make time to exercise. I’m doing ballet and tracking with my pedometer but I could be doing a lot more at home.
I’m going to keep a faithful record of my tasks with Omnifocus (my productivity tool of choice).
I’m going to plan a super rad 30th birthday party.