My small sons, let me show you dem.

Apologies for the cheezburger style title (I am a undying lolcat fan, and Ben Huh is my secret internet boyfriend) but I want to tell you about my small sons. That’s the problem. I want to very much indeed but it seems to be very frowned upon to lay out too many details on the internet for fear of the paedo around the corner. But I decided right when Thing 1 was born I wouldn’t live in fear of what might be and would instead share my children with the world (even if the world wasn’t that bothered, actually).

I refer to them as Thing 1 and Thing 2 but that is purely for my amusement. Thing 1 is Toby, he is nearly 3 and a half, and an absolute smudge of cute wrapped up in attitude. A Threenager, through and through. Thing 2 is Casper, he is very nearly 5 months and a smudge of cute wrapped up in a sunny outlook. I have been blessed with two easy, happy-go-lucky babies (bar the fact both of them have been Olympic standard upchuckers from birth) which has made them very easy to love and dote on. They are, I am moderately ashamed to say, spoiled rotten but they are also loved and adored by everyone who meets them which makes me a very happy and proud mama.

The amount of scrapbooking I have done since being pregnant with Casper is, oooh, nil? I actually barely remember to take pictures or video but periodically I get out my camera and take some shots, and upload them to flickr. I look forward to scrapping them in the future, hopefully somewhere after pairing them off and before grandchildren, and then I really will be able to show them off to the world.

But know this, it isn’t fear that keeps me from posting photos up. It’s the fact I have two small sons and only 24 hours in the day.


  1. Joc says:

    You have a great way with words, that was a really fun read!

  2. shimelle says:

    your references to thing 1 and thing never fail to make me laugh! although i am not sure i can believe you that thing 1 is already three and a half?! for surely he was just a teeny baby not so long ago!
    i hope some day you make a little baby album from your baby conversation tweets, for they are the most fabulous thing ever. :)