On the train home from That London

Today was a rare day out for me meeting with a client in That London. I read today’s prompt about lists and immediately thought of my todo list. I’m not even going to start on that here. It can be summed up by the fact I have two small children, a fulltime freelance business and about a dozen hobbies and two books in draft. Nothing like spreading yourself too thin, hmm?

So, let’s keep this brief. What’s on my plate?

Listening: right at the moment I’m listening to Departures by Aozu + Cap to Bin, a J-pop song from my favourite Japanese seiyuus (voice over artists). I understand roughly a quarter of it but it is super fun pop :)

Reading: I have a good few books on the go, mostly work related, but my fun book is :59 seconds, a book that debunks a lot of self-help junk with the help of ‘proper’ science (peer-reviewed journal papers and large-scale trials and so on.)

Watching: I barely have the chance to watch anything, but I have Prince of Tennis anime on my computer and have just ordered a lot of anime to watch with my kids this weekend.

Playing: Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box. My maths is as rubbish as ever but I rock the logic puzzles!

Eating: the last thing I ate was a Cinnabon roll. Naughty me. I would kill for a can of coke too. I really hope the lady with the trolley makes it to my carriage soon.

Tonight I am: probably rueing the lack of work I have done today. Still, I did go pick up some inspirational copy from howies in the form of their catalogue. Not all bad!