Glad timings we bring

6.15am – Toby wakes and runs downstairs to discover presents under the tree. He runs back up shouting ‘Father Christmas has been!’
6.20am – Toby corralled into his bedroom to open his stocking presents. Many squeaks and a ‘how cool is that?!’ gets a giggle even from Mummy, who still has her head under a pillow.
6.45am – all downstairs, except Casper who snoozes on. Mummy and Daddy have waffles with Nutella and Toby decides on marmite toast.
7.30am – some playing, some watching kids’ tv, at least two sneaky chocolate coins and then …
8.30am – when we could hold it off no more, Toby opened his presents (and Casper’s too!), merrily shrieking from one parcel to the next. We had marked the presents with big ‘T’s and ‘C’s so he could sort them out from under the tree and Toby was delighted this his was the biggest parcels in number and stature. Especially well received were the Buzz Lightyear costume, the Handy Manny toy and the Gruffalo Trunki.
9.30am – all done on the kid front, so Toby ‘helped’ us to unwrap our grown-up presents too. Daddy is very pleased his haul and Mummy is super-delighted with her (much lusted for but never dreamed of owning) red kitchenaid mixer. Well done that husband!
10.30am – time for a cup of tea and some more chocolates before preparing lunch. This year we went for the easy-peasy, trays in the oven option and – while never going to be at a full on ‘proper’ Christmas lunch – it was dead simple and really rather yummy.
11.15 – The opening of the bottle of peach bellini. Is Christmas the only time it is socially acceptable to drink before midday? The next couple of hours were spent noodling about, mainly looking for lost batteries, riding on Trunkis being Buzz Lightyear and a rewatch of the Cbeebies panto, and then …
1pm – lunch, om nom nom nom. Even Casper got in on the act with some delicious carrot and potato puree and a rice cake or two. Turkey breast, roast tatties, mash, cabbage, beans, broccoli, carrots, asparagus, stuffing, bacon, gravy. We were too full for pudding but I’m sure we’ll make up for that tomorrow!
2pm – Casper naps, so Mummy decides to nap too.
4pm – Swapsies! Daddy goes up for a nap and Mummy and Toby play while Casper goes up for another snooze. Toby played super nicely with his Peppa Pig toys.
5pm – Mummy goes to put tea on – dim sum, sticky ribs, crudites and other nibbly bits – and we all settle down to watch the new animation of the Gruffalo and eat.
6pm – time for a last round of presents, smaller ‘tree’ presents, some phone calls and a game of snake and ladders (plus the discovery that the Toy Story walkie talkies don’t work!)
7.30pm – kids in bed, or at least in their rooms, and Daddy relaxes with Dr.Who while Mummy takes a bath. A naughty raspberry creme brulee to finish off the day’s nommage.
9.30pm – all done and dusted, tomorrow will be spent playing with new toys but right now I am totally ready for bed!


  1. Rachel says:

    Sounds like a great day. We loved watching the gruffalo.