Oh, the weather outside is frightful …

by nellyagain

by nellyagain

Two days into December and nothing but rain today. November was sodden and there seems to be no let up so far. I remember December as being deep and crisp and even, in frost if not actual snow, and I can remember walking home from Midnight Mass and snowflakes flurring around gently, melting underfoot.

I’m mildly concerned Toby and Casper will come to remember Christmas as the time of year Mummy threatened them with oilskins from Santa and we had to use the tree as a makeshift escape raft.


  1. […] Last year I was concerned we might have to spend Christmas on a raft above the rain. This year we have some of the earliest snow seen around these parts for years, with even the cats declining to go out other than to do their ‘business’ to the side of the flower patch. It’s kind of fun that everywhere looks like Christmas cards say it should, even if Royal Mail seem to have given up all hope of delivering anywhere. I’ll be generous and assume that’s because some depot somewhere is snowed in because it certainly isn’t around here. That said they do have it pretty deep elsewhere. […]