Santa’s sacked.

That’s it. I’m done. I’ve bought every last thing on Amazon and stuffed it into boxes, bags and sacks. The kids have their own Santa sacks but for this year hubby and I are settling for pillowcases for our little gifts. I’m going to try and find a new and nice one each years until we all have our own but for now this will do.

I like stockings, in fact I have rather a collection, but you just can’t get more than a satsuma, some chocolate coins and a paperback in them. The second coming of Scrooge, aka the aforementioned husband, would say that was the point. Next year I might give him just that. For this year though, I’ve picked out a range of little bits and pieces – blank DVDs, chocolates, books and calendars – and we each have a sack of small gifts to play with on Christmas morning. Will it stave off the ‘presents! presents! can I have my presents now!?’ from Toby? Who knows. Any excuse to buy a glittery beaker with a floating Buzz Lightyear in the bottom though.