Say hello to your future.

This house is something of a mess today. So my first resolution is to tidy up. But then it always is. That’s the thing about housework, it doesn’t seem to stop. Still, the time for the decorations to come down is nigh. I’m going to sort out the cupboards for housing my scrapbooking supplies and get set for the working week, which doesn’t actually kick in until the second week of January properly – purely so I can sort out paperwork and processes. First step to all this is a big GTD braindump. The new year seems a good time to give myself permission to start afresh and review all of my todos.

This evening I do have one last festive fun task left, and that’s to make a gingerbread house for Toby and Jemima to enjoy decorating tomorrow. Which reminds me I must Google for a good frosting recipe. Something akin to supaglue to stand up to the handling of two preschoolers, I think!