Farewell Brighton, my old friend.

We moved to Brighton in 2003, so, what nearly 8 years ago? And on the 1st July, we move away. Our youngest chap, just past his first birthday, is often pretty poorly and childcare for sick children doesn’t come cheap. So our family is moving to Wokingham in the home counties, closer to my parents, so we can continue to work in the industry we love and bring up our children in the best way we know how.

It’s a wrench. We have many lovely friends here and Brighton is a place we love deeply. But there are positives too – Toby will (hopefully) attend my old primary school and we have found a lovely house on the same road as my childhood home. What the area lacks in Big City attractions and beaches it makes up for in small town charm and countryside and it is just as close to that there London so plenty of chance for meetups one way or another.

So au revoir, Sussex. It’s been emotional.