Re: timekeeping

Dear my clocks,

I’m not sure if you are the responsible party here so, if this is incorrect, please forward to someone in management (perhaps based at your HQ in Greenwich?).

I’m sorry to say that standards of timekeeping recently have been slipping. I have noticed breaks in time, often when I’m sat at my computer, where the house timekeeping team obviously think it is okay to slack off a bit and move the clock on.

These breaks start to add to hours missing in my day. It is the only possible explanation for my taking a thirty minute blog reading break and looking up to find three hours have past. Equally, when there is two hours in which to make dinner and suddenly just forty-five minutes remain and all I have done is check Twitter.

I’m not sure if your lunch breaks have been extending a little or perhaps conversations around the water cooler between the kitchen clock and the wristwatches have started to dominate your days a little but it is having a knock on effect on the household.

I look forward to your response to this urgent issue. You can find me at my desk browsing Etsy.


Your Owner.