Gifts of a geekily awesome nerdish nature.

Inspired by the everinspiring Sazzy, I have put together my own post of gifts for the geek and geek-at-heart. They are obviously influenced by my own tastes so Your Mileage May Vary.

Anyway, no commissions or affiliate perks were collected in the making of this post and equally I don’t own them all either so I can’t vouch for their awesomeness in the flesh. Caveat emptor and all that.

First up: A ‘What Would Spiderman Do?‘ print.

What would spiderman do?

Extra awesome – you can go right through to their page and personalize this print however you like. Bonus points to anyone that gets a ‘What Would Zeldman Do?’ print for the office.

Another thing to make sure your walls aren’t a plain magnolia – this city co-ordinates canvas. It’s smart, it’s factual, it’s ready to be personalized with the world city of your choice. Tell the nice people what city you’d like and they’ll whip up a number just like this for you. Now, with just one nifty canvas print, even your loo can represent the city of your birth! Unless you live in Bolton or somewhere and then you probably already have that covered.

City co-ords canvas

Every guy needs one set of fancy cufflinks for weddings, Christenings and funerals so you might as well alert everyone to the fact you aren’t usually found in a suit:

Alter-ego cufflinks

And what else does a guy need for the aforementioned events? A tie. A tie that doesn’t suck. Even better, a tie that might help pass the time if the gathering at Auntie Gladys’ wake runs on a bit longer than the bar tab for G’n’T’s. And so, I present:

Rocket Science Tie

The design is a gorgeous silk-screened number based on the “NASA’s “Command Module Main Control Panel” – from the Apollo Operations Handbook Block II Spacecraft, 1969″. This tie is f**king rocket science, my friends.

Now this next one, I *do* have. Or at least some from the same Etsy store. I bought a bunch of different images for gifts this year and they are really fun. Very crisp prints on old dictionary pages ready for framing:

I <3 you

Animals, Anatomy, Instruments and Mechanicals are just some of the themes available.

Another Etsy store I frequent? Risky Beads. They have small but perfectly formed necklaces and keyrings for crafters, sports players and the nerdaratti:

weapon of choice

Combining two of my loves – Nintendo and my iPad, I’ll give you first shot at this Handmade iPad cover by yummypocket on Etsy. Quick, before I change my mind.

Gameboy iPad cover

Maybe pick up their Moustache iPhone Cozy while you’re at it.

Moustache iPhone cozy

Still, why get an iphone case that just does the one thing right? Firebox has a combined iphone case and bottle opener. I know, right. But tell me you don’t want to try it, just once?

iphone bottle opener

Speaking of iPhones, guarenteed that if the geek in your life has one you’ll have heard them say “Bol***ks, I forgot to charge it. I’ve only got 10 per cent battery!”. Stop the inevitable disconnect (and breakdown that follows thereafter) with the Zipcharge.


Not just the iPhone either. Interchangeable tips means loads of gadgets can benefit from the physics defying ability of this box to charge stuff really fast. It must be homeopathy or something.

Anyway, Ladies, let’s make sure we aren’t missing out this year right? Yeah! W00t! Yes, a handmade sterling silver number that knocks the mass-produced Topshop efforts into a cocked hat.

W00t necklace

More practically, can I suggest gloves? But not just any old pair. Gloves that work for touchscreens! Gloves that fit lady-hands! Gloves that do both these things and are a bit stylish too! These numbers from Firebox, in fact:

Stripy touchscreen gloves

I have the stripy pair on pre-order.

For t-shirts, Think Geek is the place to go, especially for ladies’ styles. Particular favourites:

Ada Lovelace tee

Ada Lovelace Heroine tee

Sparkle Bacon!

Sparkle Bacon tee!

Self-Rescusing Princess

Self Rescuing Princess. Yes, Mario, your princess is already in another castle because they were having a Left 4 dead 2 session.

Which brings me on to my next selections. I’m a bit of a video game fan, you know. Perhaps the lady in your life would like a fused glass Tetris pendant? Well, she would if it were me. Handmade from an Etsy seller, no less.

Tetris pendant

When Steam came to the Mac I got a really excited because I could play Half-Life instead of paying attention during meetin … WAIT. I mean, look at this rad Portal macbook decal.

Portal decal

Perhaps I’d do as well to get me some invincibility from Etsy seller Until It Ends, perhaps on a charm bracelet Mario style!

Invisibility charm bracelet

Admittedly that is a bit girly so finally, for the real hardcore gamer in your life, a handprinted shirt:

I went outside once ...

Well, quite.