Why we have too few women in the boardroom

An absolute kickass 15 minute TED talk about what women can do to make themselves prime, unavoidable candidates for the boardroom without belittling themselves along the way.

Some things wot I did write and a workshop wot I will do.

Hey, hey. I’ve written a couple of  articles and I have a workshop coming up:

One here for the glorious 24ways.org: a content strategy for personal sites which does what it says on the tine.

And another for 52weeksofUX.com: Words are the Soul of UX all about making time to make the littlest interactions count.

Also, I have a fun workshop coming up courtesy of Five Simple Steps – which handily ties together the above two topics! Come experience my rants in the flesh, in London, in January 2011: http://workshops.fivesimplesteps.com/

I’d love to see you there. Places are limited, as is the early bird price, so book yourself a pre-Christmas treat and have something to look forward to in January.

It all counts.

This year, I have made an Advent basket for Toby with a small Christmas task for everyday of the year, like read a Christmas story, make a gift for the birds, watch a movie with popcorn, drink hot chocolate with marshmallows, make cookies and much more.

I found the idea on Ali Edwards blog and I love the idea of ‘doing’ Christmas things in the lead up, just a little each day so that he is excited and motivated about the season, not just presents. It’s going really well so far and complimenting the usual chocolate Advent calendar nicely. I’m filling in a December daily with small snaps of the tasks and other daily stories as a record too.


I’m not quite sure what has come over me but I appear to have made some Christmas cards this year.

Walnut stain ink on inkadinkadoo stamp and pro marker finish.

They might even make it into the postbox if the stars and planets align.


Cat constitutional trip

Last year I was concerned we might have to spend Christmas on a raft above the rain. This year we have some of the earliest snow seen around these parts for years, with even the cats declining to go out other than to do their ‘business’ to the side of the flower patch. It’s kind of fun that everywhere looks like Christmas cards say it should, even if Royal Mail seem to have given up all hope of delivering anywhere. I’ll be generous and assume that’s because some depot somewhere is snowed in because it certainly isn’t around here. That said they do have it pretty deep elsewhere.

Anyway Toby had fun sledding with our Nanny and some friends from nursery. Tomorrow they are off to see reindeer. I caught up with him before tea and we wrote a letter to Santa.

Time to get that into today’s journal. You can find yesterday pages on my flickr account.