One Little Word 2011: Light.

So, like a ton of other people, I have gone through the process of choosing a word for 2011. I like this better than resolutions, which are too specific and easy to fail without bringing any good.

Last year, I didn’t have a word that stuck because I had too much going on to commit to something new and I didn’t really give it as much thought as I should have done to make it work. The year before I chose complete – and I had it put on a beautiful necklace which I worse almost everyday, and I considered hard what the word meant to me in relation to the goals I had for myself. This year my word is light.

Lighter in weight and frame.
Lighter in commitments.
Light around my environment.
Light at home.
Light as pixels and connections.
Light in photography.
Light in the outside world.
Light and life to all she brings.
Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones.
Light as beauty.
Light in spirit.

(Weirdly, I picked the same word as Ali Edwards (whom I first learned this concept from back in 2006) independently. I saw that she had chosen hers and it was just another sign that light was something I needed.)

So, I’ve bought another necklace with my word on from an Etsy seller. I’ve joined Ali’s class at Big Picture classes and bought up some supplies. I’m set to take on the year and its challenges. I am genuinely excited for 2011.

Let there be light.