Puzzling by jhritz on flickr

I love a good puzzle adventure, me. Ace Attorney, now Ghost Trick from the same producer, Monkey Island, TellTale Games, Activision and Infocom’s stuff, Broken Sword (volume 2 rework now out in the iOS store, puzzle fans), Professor Layton and plenty of the IF community offerings (of which, another post later on)

I also like writing fiction.

Today, it struck me like a gong that I should, at some point in the future, bring these things together and make my own interactive fiction game.

I posseted the idea on Twitter. It was well received.

Inform7 has been downloaded. I’m going to take a look through the documentation and then make a nice notebook all ready for any ideas that might come my way. This is most definitely a treat project for Life After The Book.


  1. Iain Broome says:

    I too downloaded Inform7 (and a couple of other similar programmes) for all the same reasons. But what with a novel, blog and actual work to do, I never got round to the interactive fiction.

    Also, every six months or so I get excited and download Adventure Game Studio with the intention of writing the next Monkey Island. But then I realise I’ll have to persuade one of our designers to draw all the pretty pictures. And I haven’t got time (see above).