Lightening the load.

January was a month of decluttering. We aren’t done yet by a long way but a good number of large bags have been distributed to charity shops far and wide. My parents are big charity shop fans and often go to other towns to poke about, so to ‘share the love’ and because the lady in our local Oxfam was starting to wonder where we were getting all this stuff they took some bags of donations with them.

What did I learn? I do a lot of wishful purchasing sometimes. Mostly of craft projects. Lord knows I barely have time to scrapbook (something I’m very keen on) let alone teach myself beading, modelling, weaving, face cream making, sourdough baking or knitting ten varieties of yoghurt. And yet the dream persists and I find myself with many more kits on my hand than time at my disposal. Particularly poignant were the cross stitch kits that I’ve been meaning to get around to for years. They’ve gone for the most part. I have embroidery silks; patterns are abundant; my time for hours and hours of needlework is not now.

I read a book on decluttering (Paul brought it home. He will admit to being a packrat but he attracts masses and masses of paperwork to him.) and it had a simple system, similar to my own that I have always used to decide on whether belongings are becoming clutter. The nice thing is it stated in black and white what has always been in my head: It’s okay to let something go, realise you need it and buy it back because that will happen for 1 in 1000 items. I got rid of a cookbook a while back and this week I thought, bum, I could have done with some of those now. I went to reorder – only to find there was now a revised Kindle edition. Perfect, a more convenient format, and still only a few pounds. I guess I never was destined to be a hoarder as such. I’m more easy come, easy go but I need to pick my projects and focus a little more.

I started finding ways to lighten the load of finding or putting away. We have a lunchbox basket now for lunch making things. A library bag for our books (complete with library cards). A large bag for everyone’s swimming things (beach towels, cossies, armbands, money for lockers etc). We’ve emptied out all our dvd cases and put the dvds in two large wallets.

I also discovered that really if I want any decluttering doing, I have to do it and ignore the protest squawks. Case in point: six weeks after bringing it up, our office is still full of unsorted paperwork. I also began to think about using up the stuff we like. About thinning down. Being light of load. Having space for more and it not getting lost.

Still a work in progress.

February is all about lightening the body. It’s no longer baby weight if your baby is 18 months old. Botheration. I’m also getting my teeth fixed A good number of fillings, boo, but some lightening of a different sort too – not to mention of my wallet.. March is already set by necessity. That’s all about lightening burden. More to follow I guess


  1. ohmarggie says:

    Hi Relly, I would love to see some photos of your January project for One Little Word! Margie xxx (

  2. I love how you are incorporating your OLW Light into your life.