Diary of a conference talk – pt.2

What is it they say about the best laid plains of mice and men? So, I have gone and got myself a throat infection and a migraine yesterday to boot. Progress has consequently been a little slower than I’d like but at least I’ve had a lot of time shivering and sweating in bed to think about the content of my talk.

I’ve now laid out in bullet points most of my talk. The conclusion is still a bit wibbly wobbly – but I tend to revise that once I’ve got the rest down – and my grizzly murder opening has now moved to the middle and the opening is now an allegorical tale about gardening.

Next, I will find images to represent the ideas in these bullet points. I usually go for one or two images per bullet point and spring through them at rapid speed. I’ve toyed with the idea of using Prezi for this but I think it’s going to be Keynote and a quick clicker to the rescue as I’ve lost too much time to this horrible lurgy.

Right, more tablets, then lunch, then trying to get some of the timeline in the middle a bit straighter in my head. Don’t want to confuse my Abyssianians with Mespotomiaiaiananianans. Thursday cometh in but 4 days.