Diary of a conference talk: pt.4 Now it’s a something.

by DrewM on flickr

Today I think I finally got it all down. I don’t usually write the entire talk down but in this case there are so many names, dates and locations I completely need to have it down pat to transfer into the presenter notes.

For those interested, I tend to have keynote setup on the presenter display with a split screen showing me the current slide, the next slide, time remaining (or elapsed) and then presenter notes right at the top overlapping. The only downside I have found to my 11″ MBA is that it can be more of a squeeze than on the 13″ MBP I had but as I don’t need to see more than a bit of any of the slides, it’s usually okay.

So, a day later then scheduled (yes, thankyou throat infection and migraine) I have it written. I’m still concerned that it’s quite leftfield but it does match the description in the programme so people will have selected it over the other option(s) so that cheers me a little. It’s very fast-paced and there’s a ton in it, but I hope people learn a little something from it too.

Tomorrow, I do the Keynote tangle. I have some fun ideas for a few visual jokes so hopefully they’ll keep it light too.

I feel tired but relieved. Even if I had no slides, and no-one minded me reading from a screen, at this point I could give this talk. Two days to practice and get it good.