Diary of a conference talk pt6: Into the home stretch.

I have been an unspeakably cruel, nay wicked, wife. I have dumped about 150 slides on my poor husband and sodded off to a hotel in London. They are looking very stylish, the slides I mean.

The night before talk is always an odd one. I should do another run through but I’m kind of hungry and tired so I’m going to go and scavage some snacks and then give it a go when I’m in bed.

I want to tweak more but I know if I do, I’ll get myself even more muddled up onstage. To be honest, there is so much to this talk that I hope sheer willpower and adrenaline keep me going through. That’s what we all do though. I know there are about half-a-dozen conference speakers right now all sat in their rooms, tweaking at slides. So now you know too.

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