Diary of a conference talk: the wrap-up.

Yesterday I gave the talk I’d been planning for the last few months. So, on reflection, how did it go? The slides weren’t finished until super late the night before, which was totally my fault, but I ran through a few times in the morning so it wasn’t too much of an issue as I’d already finished the talk a good few days before. It did mean that I was more reliant on my presenter notes than usual but it was the sort of talk that had a ton of names and dates so I probably would have been a bit tied to the podium (and my screen) regardless.The reception was generally good, and some people tweeted that they were thinking about the implications of it afterwards which I take as a good thing.

Some people, like I predicted, didn’t like the heavy history content (although it was an unfortunate coincidence that I was the third person to talk about ancient civilizations that day – what are the chances at a web conference?!!) but I think this long zoom is perhaps indicative of what is happening on the web today. Outside of the business stuff, and marketing, and realities of life as an agency employee, I find myself increasingly thinking about what the web is and could be. Only be learning about ‘other’ networks and industries can we see our place in this.

I understand the cry of ‘but what for us in the trenches?!!’. I’m there too. But, as far as I know, I’m not at war so I climb out of them sometimes to survey the fields beyond. So yes, I’m in the trenches but because I’m digging foundations not because there’s firing on all sides.
That said, I was at pains to ensure there was plenty of good concepts for all content (not just mobile). It was just on a macro level, not my usual ‘write like this’, ‘make buttons like this’, ‘plan this form to be like this’. What can I say? I like a little variety. (Also, one of the chief detractors on Twitter later very graciously came to apologise and admit that she realised she hadn’t read the talk description. It takes courage to do that and I really appreciated it.)

Plus, I scored a bonus point from Jeremy for referencing the Space Elevator. I’m making a note here: ‘Huge Success’.