Any morning that starts like this is a good morning …

light saber quote

light saber quote

At about 6.30am this morning, Thing 1 went into to see his little brother (Thing 2, naturally) and chat to him as he usually does. Often this involves Thing 1 talking about the book Thing 2 has in his cot, about what they are going to do that day or if Thing 2 wants cereal or toast for breakfast. Occasionally, Thing 1 teaches Thing 2 new words. Today was one of those days.

Thing 1: “Can you say ‘Luke Skywalker’?”

Thing 2: “Look Ty Wader”

Thing 1: “Can you say ‘Darth Vader’?”

Thing 2: “Dar Rayer!”

Thing 1: “Can you say ‘Bad white guys’?”

I think someone couldn’t remember the word Stormtrooper.

Just as I was getting over giggling at this, I heard from across the hall a faux-Yank accent and as clear as a bell:

“Can you say ‘Help me Obi-wan, you’re my only hope!’ ”

At this point I officially lost my battle to not squawk with laughter and catch the boys’ attention but oh my. I am so proud to have raised a mini-geek.

Here’s to the other stuff.


I am struggling to focus today. It’s hot and sticky and I work in a converted loft. This is not conducive to brilliance. Instead I have spent today thinking about life, the universe and scrapbooking.

I am a scrapbooker. It’s awesome fun. And I was reflecting on how it has made me a better person. No, honestly, stick with me. It has given me an appreciation for visual aesthetics and colour and typography. More than that it has encouraged me to broaden my horizons and find new experiences to journal about. It was the lure of lovely scrapbooking supplies that first persuaded me – long time fearful flyer – to get on a plane to the States in 2005. It has encouraged me to take photos of everything, always. I write more, I notice more stuff, I savour things happening. And it’s fun.

I have found that if I take time out from work and walk to the other side of my office and start creating something unrelated often an answer comes to me, ready to go. That’s got to be a plus (and a business expense?! šŸ˜‰

The thing is I haven’t made much time for it recently and I have missed it. I just had my stash of beautiful craft things sort of dumped in drawers in the office but it’s making me kinda grumpy which then means when I do make stuff they are infused with that kind of grumpiness. First stop, sorting out my supplies so they are ready to go.

Here’s to the other stuff. The reason we weren’t meant to be at desks 24/7.