Any morning that starts like this is a good morning …

light saber quote

At about 6.30am this morning, Thing 1 went into to see his little brother (Thing 2, naturally) and chat to him as he usually does. Often this involves Thing 1 talking about the book Thing 2 has in his cot, about what they are going to do that day or if Thing 2 wants cereal or toast for breakfast. Occasionally, Thing 1 teaches Thing 2 new words. Today was one of those days.

Thing 1: “Can you say ‘Luke Skywalker’?”

Thing 2: “Look Ty Wader”

Thing 1: “Can you say ‘Darth Vader’?”

Thing 2: “Dar Rayer!”

Thing 1: “Can you say ‘Bad white guys’?”

I think someone couldn’t remember the word Stormtrooper.

Just as I was getting over giggling at this, I heard from across the hall a faux-Yank accent and as clear as a bell:

“Can you say ‘Help me Obi-wan, you’re my only hope!’ ”

At this point I officially lost my battle to not squawk with laughter and catch the boys’ attention but oh my. I am so proud to have raised a mini-geek.