Content 2013 conference links

Not sure where to start with CS? Try @jcolman’s EPIC guide for content marketers

Did I mention the pig in rainboots?,,20494390,00.html

Winchester Mystery House on Wikipedia

Manarola on Wikipedia

15 minutes on the Art of Making Stuff Backwards

Start to get to grips with the critical components of a content strategy with @Braintraffic:

Creating Web Content – articles about research –

Creating Web Content – articles about page tables, templates and content modelling –

Creating Web Content – articles about writing for the web –

Beware of mis-interpreting user choices via the medium of Bermuda Shorts –

Creating web content – articles about measuring, modifying and selling your skills –

Content Strategy For The Web – The Perfect Gift For The Whole Office!

Silverback App – for super easy testing

Content Strategy For Mobile by @karenmcgrane –

The Construction of Instruction

Told you!

From the amazing Erin @kissane – The Elements of Content Strategy

Other recommended books can be found here:

if that all seemed a lot to take in, then worry not – none of us know it all: