Pitch Wars mentee bio

Relly and her skirts take on trafalager square

Relly and her skirts take on Trafalgar square
Word up! Bit late to the game but I thought I’d add a bio for #pitchwars
So, hi!

I’m Relly Annett-Baker. I’m 35, married, with two boys aged 9 and 6 whom I call Thing 1 and Thing 2.
I’m a content strategist by trade (so I work with a lot of writers and content producers for huge websites) and a scrapbooker, cake baker and Lego enthusiast by hobby. Writing comes somewhere between those two things – neither a hobby, nor my work. More of a daily practice. I love it.

I’ve been lucky enough to be accepted on two Faber Academy courses since I moved to London last year (That’s me flashing my skirts around Trafalgar Square). One was Writing for Children with British kidlit rock star Anthony McGowan, and the other the six month intensive Writing a Novel class taught by Maggie Gee MBE. I learned tons, made critique partners for life and a couple of really good friends into the bargain – and it was where I developed my current MS.

What else to say? Some random facts about me:
*I home-schooled my boys for 18 months and loved it. We found a great school for them (and I really needed to earn some money again) but I was still sad to say goodbye to that part of my life.

*I’m a Legend of Zelda video game fangirl (though I like lots of games)

*Also a big board game fan.

*As well as the 1 husband and 2 boys, I have 3 cats and 2 rabbits.

*I speak Japanese (though not fluently yet!) and I can read a little too.

*I’m currently researching a new book – an MG mystery set partly in London and partly in Chicago in 1893. World’s Fair ahoy! I am full to the brim of World’s Fair facts.

*The last book I read in one go was Julie Mayhew’s ‘The Big Lie’ (hot key books) and I am basically insisting everyone I know read it because it is one of those books you look up from and realise you’ll never see the world quite the same again.

I’m all over the web in various places but most consistently on twitter as @rellyab – but also goodreads, pinterest and tumblr under the same user name. (I won’t link as it has a tendency to attract unwanted attention for my feed)