Who is Relly?

Relly Annett-Baker is a writer, speaker and web content person. Occasionally she uses this blog as an attempt to capture the way she works and what she does, so that it will encourage others to make their content spick and span. Other than that, it has hearsay, happenstance and heresy.

Relly lives in Brighton with her husband, Paul Annett, and their two small sons. As a result she thrives on sea air and can be guaranteed to stand barefoot on Lego at least once a day.

As for gainful employment, she makes some small sums from being a content strategist, but mostly she is employed as live-in domestic staff by two cats who often supervise her typing and make editorial suggestions such as ‘I think it’s dinner time’. Oh, okay then, spoilsport. Here’s the skinny:


Relly is currently looking for projects, long-term contracts or employment as a content strategist. She was most recently working as a content strategist with the Ministry of Justice Digital Service Division, making content … For Great Justice!

A content strategist? How on Earth did that happen?


Excellent question, fact finder. Well, then. From the top: Having honed her writing skills in the broadcast free-for-all that is student radio, Relly went on to work at a national radio group, writing competitions and links for four national stations. After a couple of gin slings she might now even admit to having a hand in unleashing some of the worst music in chart history on an unsuspecting radio public but we couldn’t possibly confirm this as anything more than Hear’Say.

After leaving the glamorous World Of Radio, she moved with her husband to Brighton to write a lot of web copy and occasionally emails saying ‘you haven’t paid yet!’. In 2006 she had her first baby boy and spent a few months unable to string coherent sentences together.

Thankfully, in 2007, the gift of sleep and, thus, the gift of writing returned. Poppy Copy, a one woman attempt at rewriting the web, was born. She still refers to it as her difficult middle child even though it has now grown-up into a fully-fledged agency.

Son no.2 arrived in 2009. Relly went on to work for a scattering of agencies and clients, including CERN, EDF and the alpha of GOV.UK.

Other things of note:

Relly does a lot of chuntering on at conferences. Apparently, she is of interest to some people. You can find out more on Relly’s speaking page. A quick blast with a search engine and a Relly-related query of your choice will lead you to some video, audio and slides. These are sometimes NSFW. That’s just how her potty mouth rolls, on stage at least.

She’s also writing a book. Which is, of course, why she is sat here updating this page.

You can see Relly procrastinating with increasing frequency on Twitter: try @RellyAB