Here’s to the other stuff.


I am struggling to focus today. It’s hot and sticky and I work in a converted loft. This is not conducive to brilliance. Instead I have spent today thinking about life, the universe and scrapbooking.

I am a scrapbooker. It’s awesome fun. And I was reflecting on how it has made me a better person. No, honestly, stick with me. It has given me an appreciation for visual aesthetics and colour and typography. More than that it has encouraged me to broaden my horizons and find new experiences to journal about. It was the lure of lovely scrapbooking supplies that first persuaded me – long time fearful flyer – to get on a plane to the States in 2005. It has encouraged me to take photos of everything, always. I write more, I notice more stuff, I savour things happening. And it’s fun.

I have found that if I take time out from work and walk to the other side of my office and start creating something unrelated often an answer comes to me, ready to go. That’s got to be a plus (and a business expense?! šŸ˜‰

The thing is I haven’t made much time for it recently and I have missed it. I just had my stash of beautiful craft things sort of dumped in drawers in the office but it’s making me kinda grumpy which then means when I do make stuff they are infused with that kind of grumpiness. First stop, sorting out my supplies so they are ready to go.

Here’s to the other stuff. The reason we weren’t meant to be at desks 24/7.


I’m not quite sure what has come over me but I appear to have made some Christmas cards this year.

Walnut stain ink on inkadinkadoo stamp and pro marker finish.

They might even make it into the postbox if the stars and planets align.

True Stories: a journalling class

A few weeks back I sent Shimelle an email that kind of went along the lines of “Hey, so you know your classes are really cool. I wonder if some of my writing methods might help out some of your scrapbookers and bloggers?” She very graciously said that yes, maybe they might just and would I like to be the guest expert writer for her new journalling class? Some email went back and forth, we called each other panda a lot and the class came to be. In fact, it is in a state of being right now and you can sign up through Shimelle’s site to get daily prompts to help you tell your personal stories, for the new three weeks.

If you want to know a little bit more about it, watch this fabulous video by the gorgeous Shimelle herself:


I have not scrapbooked in so so long. Right now my stuff is all over the house and really I have no time for this but I also know that if I make no time I’m never gonna get to it. Thing 2 is 9 months old and I haven’t done a *single* page about him. I’m all for not worrying about being ‘caught up’ but at some point he’ll be old enough to notice if I don’t do something about him ^_^

And yet I have stash so much stash. Must make, or sell. That’s the deal here.

Christmas Post Strike

There isn’t much for me to say about cards other than every year I think ‘This year I’ll make them’ and each year I don’t and then inevitably end up not sending any out of guilt of not sending handmade cards. My own postal strike.

Toby has made some with my help though (until he got bored and I did a spirited ‘3 year old with shiny stickers’ impression to finish them off) so at least his nursery friends will get some handmade love.

Perhaps I could post people a small card kit out of my many well-intentioned purchases and they could make their own?

Advent-ageous Christmas makes (boom, boom)

So, from the end of Nov to the 24th of Dec (ahem), I’m going to be hosting a small blog party of makes from my friends of blogland. Come by each day to see a new project and find a new friend. Most of these ladies are new to regular blogging so it’ll be nice to send them some new friends to stop by their online homes. Consider this your 2 week warning – awesomeness incoming!