Words and pictures: a workshop for designers and developers

To beat the January blues I’m holding a workshop soon, through my lovely publishers Five Simple Steps. It’s in London on the afternoon of January the 26th.

It’s for designers and developers, especially freelancers, but anyone who wants to use content as part of their process for making a website. Even if you don’t do a lot of content creation at all, let alone write. Even if you’ve never had anything other than lorem ipsum to design with. Especially then, in fact. And it will be fun, enlightening and have chocolate biscuits because that’s what I aim for in all my workshops.

Now, here’s the thing. I know that your budget is limited. I know that there a billion other things you could be learning about. And obviously I’m biased when I say content is the best thing since sliced bread with jam on top. So, why should you come take this workshop with me?

The content of your sites and your client’s sites are letting you down. Mostly it isn’t even your fault! How unfair is that?

How often do you want to show others your work but then think ‘Oh, but the writing on the front page is awful’? Worse still, how often do poor forms or unclear instructions means clients come back wailing ‘fix it, fix it, no-one is buying!’ leaving you thinking ‘well, the problem isn’t the design!’.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a workflow that tackled these things ahead of launch? Where you could get to a point where the actual content could inspire the design and not just get slotted around it? Where the stuff that fills the boxes isn’t being fed into the web-o-matic-a-tron thirty minutes prior to launch (and counting)?

YOU CAN! You absolutely can!

That is what this workshop is about – being inspired by content, having a handle on it, not dreading asking for it or having to write it yourself at the last minute.

Still, £175 (plus travel, plus time not working) is a lot for a freelancer. I know, I’ve been there. Only you know your daily rate and costs so I can’t rationalise how much your total expense would be.


To have a way of losing the stress-headache that ‘content’ or ‘copy’ induces?
To look at some well-crafted text and to design something beautiful from it?
To have fun with like-minded souls (and me!) and play creative games, look at some dreadful examples from around the web and giggle a bit, come away with contacts and confidence and a support group who have suffered at the hands of content before?

I don’t know. But definitely worth your investment.

How many support calls would stop from mighty microcopy in the right place? How many turgid about pages could become effervescent blends of words and pictures? How much to feel in control of a whole project?

So, please book while there a still a few spaces. I’d hate for you to miss out.

Linkorama for EdUI attendees.

Hey dudes and dudettes.

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