Book Review: Murakami Haruki’s After The Quake

I first became aware of Murakami's work when I was in Japan in June 2010. Every bookshop I passed, and almost every commuter on each train, had 1Q84 … [Continue reading]

Reading list

My list! My list of books that I have mostly skipped over in my 32 years of life, that I think I should give a look at. I hope to read them over the … [Continue reading]

Conference organisers: a point for your consideration.

I had the great fortune to attend XOXO last week (which is another post I'll try and get done before the same event next year or something) and people … [Continue reading]

Getcha Content Strategy Workshop here, cheap as chips!

TL;DR Ridiculously small fee of £300 to have me present a day long content strategy workshop at your company, good for the next 12 months. Very … [Continue reading]

Doves and Eagles

Thing 1, aged 6, wrote a poem today: Doves and eagles Are the finest birds in the world. Parrots are funny. I love birds I love bugs too But … [Continue reading]

Look ma, I’m a coder now!

Speak and Spell tou

Last week I had the great fortune to attend Seb Lee-Delisle's fabulous creative javascript course for non-coders. It was brain-bending and tiring and … [Continue reading]