Relly is speaking at…


Workshop in progress

If you’d like Relly to speak at your conference or do a workshop with you, please get in touch on Go on, she likes to get out in the fresh air and meet new people.

Upcoming events in 2012

14th-16th May: Confab, Minneapolis, USA

Past events


11th-14th October Web Directions South, Sydney, Australia

May 9-11th: Confab, Minneapolis, USA.
May 24-27th: Web Directions @media, London, UK.

May 12th-13th: Unplugged Seattle, USA.


January 25th-27th: Five Simple Workshops, London, UK.
November 7-8th: edUI, Charlottesville, USA.
October 27th: Skillswap, Brighton, UK.
October 7th & 8th: Iceweb 2010, Reykjavik, Iceland.
September 24th: Web Directions USA, Atlanta, USA.
June 11th: Web Directions @media, London, UK.
May 17th: Future of Web Design, London, UK – all-day workshop.
May 14th: Future of Web Apps, Dublin, Ireland.