The content strategist’s letter home.

New Job: Content Strategist

So, I phoned my mum the other week to tell her I’d taken a position as a content strategist at Headscape and she was thrilled. Aren’t mums great?

To be honest I’m pretty certain that, after years working as a jobbing writer for radio and then this new-fangled internet thing, she was pleased to hear that someone was going to give me a proper grown up job with the prospects of sick-pay and a pension. And then, of course, came the question.

‘But what is it that you do again?’

Which really translates to ‘What can I tell the relatives you do again?’

Thankfully I am not alone in this predicament. Julie Vollenweider of esteemed CS company Brain Traffic has already tackled the holiday round robin issue. She put it like this:

As a content strategist, I help clients figure out what their website should say and how it should be said. In order to do this well, I team up with an information architect, who helps figure out which content should go where. Together, with the help of a web writer (who’s good at writing copy that works well online), we help businesses make websites that help their customers gather information and complete tasks without any hassle.

Me, I’m a little more flexible. A little of column A, a little from row B and a dash from bottle C. But, for an easy explanation of what a content strategist does, I think Julie has it right on, don’t you?

So there we have it, kids. Content Strategy is a Proper Job: 100% Mum Approved.

(Can you think of other ways of dealing with the ‘What exactly is content strategy?’ question? I’d love to hear about it so feel free to tell all to me on twitter.)