Book look: masochist writer seeks vaguely achievable goal.

Mac keyboard

If there is one thing I have learned about writing that I can pass on with utter confidence that it will make all the difference, it is this:

Just fucking write something. Anything. And often.

I need reminding of this too.

a) because, like most writers, I find the sitting and writing is the hardest bit to commit to.

b) I have a book to get done. A book that I genuinely believe there is a need for. That I want to get out of me and into other people.

c) because every piece of polished writing begins life as a shitty first draft, so it can live in the interim as a sorta rubbish draft on my blog.

Now the thing with me is I am somewhat commitment phobic. It is something I have come to learn in my old age (okay, 30, whatever), somewhat strangely after marriage and two kids. I have a hard time committing and finishing and completing. Especially my own writing. (Other people’s stuff, if of at least a readable quality, no problem redrafting at all. Strange but true.)

I’ve said before that I believe deadlines exist because writers would never stop tweaking otherwise and I’m as bad as all of them.

So, I’m going to try to post here, daily (flight schedules and whatnot allowing) to keep myself accountable and tell anyone who’s interested about book progress, stuff I’m doing and consuming and whatnot, and basically keep my writing brain tuned up. I might skip weekends, we’ll see, but certainly aim for Monday-Friday.

I’ll be signing up to wordpress’s 2011 challenge just for the larks. Let’s see shall we?