Write On

An online class from me, @RellyAB, starting 1st February 2014.

The class started on 1st February, and signups are now closed.

28 daily emailed prompts (and a couple of surprises) to give you the tools and encouragement you need to write and publish articles on whatever topic you want, regularly.

Whatever regularly means to you.

You know that you have ideas for articles that people would want to read – on your blog, or as a contributor to someone else’s site – but you never seem to get them out of your head. When they do get out of your head because goddammit someone is wrong on the internet and you are going to tell them, they sit half-written in draft. And you are never quite angry enough to go back and rewrite it fit for publishing. When do people get time for this stuff, anyway?

What you need is a simple process to turn that idea into an article ready to publish. I have one to share with you, that you can adapt to your individual schedule.

How much time will you need?

15 minutes to read the email and make notes, each day. And a block of time to write, when you are ready – but we will cover that in the class.

No rush. No pressure.

What will the class cover?

Who is it for?

Anyone with something to say, but particularly people with opinions and experience to convey in their field of interest. This is an excellent follow up to my other email class, 30 Days To Done, but no previous experience is necessary.

Obligatory trumpet blowing

I’m currently a regular contributor to The Pastry Box.

Some comments about my online classes:

“Totally amazing and incredibly useful!” – Jo Lankester

“I’d absolutely recommend @RellyAB‘s course. It’s been so useful to me. I’m really delighted.” – Pam McCormac

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Relly’s class and would definitely recommend it to others! It’s been very useful.” – Phil Matthews

… and about my conference presentations:

“…This is the best presentation I've seen in ages.” – Mark Boulton

“Someone give @RellyAB her own conference – and then a medal. Superb.” – Owen Gregory

“@RellyAB was a highlight this year - she is a fantastic speaker. Loads of laughs and plenty real points made too.” – Rachel Andrew

“Truly the best presentation of the conference [Web Directions South]” – James Fehon